We want the headdress back

LHS Class of 2005 Alum (even thou I moved away and didn't get the chance to graduate with my classmates; once a Lancer, ALWAYS a Lancer!!) More Importantly, I am from a FAMILY FULL of Lancers & LHS Graduates!! My Mom, My Dad, My Aunts & Uncles, My Step Dad, my Sister, My Cousins & the list goes on and on!!! Most of us are parents now and our children will be attending LHS. I know growing up I wanted to participate in the same traditions my Parents did & our children will want the same!! This is what Community and Tradition is about; passing the PRIDE down from generation to generation!! As a person with Native American Bloodlines, I know the True Significance of the Headdress! LHS respects the importance of the headdress & the 'Chief' of the Lancer Tribe ALWAYS DISPLAYS A SENSE OF PRIDE, RESPECT & COMMUNITY while wearing the headdress. It is such a sad time right now; everyday more of our history & what has occurred to make us who we are today is being removed. Civil War statues and Confederate references, All References to Native American culture in Names/Mascots.....what is the reason?!?! I personally feel that the removal of all of these objects is ERASING OUR HISTORY!! By the time our children are in school, they won't have the field trips or even the history references to visit for them to learn about what has actually happened in this Country over the years. Personally, I feel it is a DisService to children everywhere!! I mean everything is on the internet these days, but at least there were statues and museums and different places to visit as a family, so our children can UNPLUG and GENUINELY LEARN!! Political Correctness or whatever the name for this nonsense NEEDS TO JUST STOP!! If people would find a cause to fight for that TRULY MAKES A DIFFERENCE (homelessness, insane opiate epidemic, our veterans committing suicide because of PTSD, HATE CRIMES, these Mass Shootings, foster care & adoption, distributing school supplies and clothes to people in need, etc) then Maybe, Just Maybe we would stop turning on the news to find our Country mourning another Tragic Shooting!! We will NEVER be able to Please Everyone, EVER!! There will ALWAYS be someone who finds something offensive, BUT what is important is COMING TOGETEHR AS A COMMUNITY & NOT ALLOWING the few 'offended' persons to stand in the way of a HALF CENTURY LONG TRADITION!!! Eventually, those 'offended' people will move on to another cause, just as the 'Cyber Shamers' (mom shaming, weight shaming, religion/belief shaming, political shaming, etc) move on to their next targets when they don't get a reaction!!! This principal, BEING AN OUTSIDER with NO real community ties to the Linganore Area is WRONG!!! She has NO RIGHT to change a school tradition without consulting the other teachers, students, parents and community for input first! The fact is, threatening punishment for students showing such a strong sense of community and togetherness shows that she is NOT the right person for this job!! As an educator, or even a parent today: ANYTHING that brings a community as diverse as LHS students TOGETHER regardless of their beliefs, looks, 'clique', etc NEEDS TO BE EMBRACED!!! There is TOO MUCH HATE & VIOLENCE in this world to take away something that brings EVERYONE TOGETHER!! IF, this principal would have gone thru the proper channels when making this decision, the backlash may not have been as severe as it is, BUT she chose to appease her own agenda rather than what is right for everyone. NOW ALL LANCERS NEAR AND FAR UNITE & FIGHT FOR OUR LHS TRADITION SO OUR CHILDREN CAN EXPERIENCE THE SAME SENSE OF COMMUNITY AND PRIDE THAT WE DID!!!

Ashley Bowles, United States
4 years ago
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