January Term Reinstatement

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Linfield University recently sent out an announcement to students regarding their decision to take away our January term courses, and replace them with a May term. While the announcement states that this decision was made to condense the schedule in an attempt to keep students inside the community bubble, and increase the chance of seniors graduating to obtain internships and job opportunities, there is much more at stake for Linfield students, faculty, and the community that should have prevented this change from happening.

With the guidance of Linfield faculty and the outpouring of negative responses I have heard about this change, I have decided to start a petition to reinstate January Term on the Linfield University McMinnville-Campus. The overall goal is to obtain 500 signatures from current Linfield students and faculty, to start this important conversation. Removing Jan term to replace it at the end of May was a decision that was made without the voices of this community, despite what some have said. After speaking with students and faculty that are on various executive boards, this decision was not brought to the table or made based on their input. This decision was also made without any data information on how this reduces COVID risks or costs. This petition is not only important because I believe that our voices should be heard, but also to express how important this is to our Linfield community.

I want to show President Davis that the Linfield community is not happy. January term comes as a huge deal for students; especially those that planned to work in the meantime to pay for spring term, for students that need to complete course work or internships that may not have the opportunity to in the proposed May term, as well as just the overarching ability for seniors to be able to graduate on time or given the opportunity, to walk the stage all together without the added cost of another term to remain on campus and participate in such activities. For faculty, the risks of not having a Jan term include students not being able to complete course work on time, due to the fact many classes and majors require pre-requisite credit (which can be obtained in January courses), the potential of limited faculty teaching in May term, as well as the many extra and un-necessary changes to their already evolving course schedules. These points made above are just a few of the concerns that many students and faculty are currently experiencing, as there are plenty others.

The entire Linfield community is already experiencing enough stress and anxiety through this Pandemic, so there is no need for more unnecessary change. 

Your signature and support would mean a great deal to me and our community. There is a paper petition that will be available on campus as well.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to direct them to my email, aingalls@linfield.edu!

We're all in this together. S'co 'Cats!