Linemen Should Not Be Recognized as First Responders

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This petition: wants to get linemen to be recognized as first responders. 

I am a lineman in the Houston, TX area. 

Linemen are tradesmen (and women too, I suppose, though I’ve never met any). Linemen are NOT first responders and should not be recognized as such. We are paid very well to do our job. But that’s all it is; a job. 

Linemen and first responders both work all hours of the day and night and may be called out to work at any time. But first responders respond to life threatening situations and save lives. Linemen do not.

First responders are recognized as heroes, as well they should be. Linemen should not be. 

If linemen are suddenly considered first responders because we can and do get called out at all hours to get the power back on, then who’s next? Because it wouldn’t stop with us. Next thing you know, electricians would be, because they can be called to do work or inspections at all hours to provide a service for someone in need. Gas men would be. Tow truck drivers. That guy that from the locksmith that comes to make you a new key to your car in the middle of the night when you’ve lost your key. I’m sure there are many others, but is going on really necessary?

So I want to cancel out the above petition. Last I looked, they were going for 75,000 signatures. I’d like to double whatever they get. Let’s get 150,000+. 

Do not donate anything, if that’s even an option. Just sign.