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Justice for LINE@ Users

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Due to the rumors about the new package that's gonna be valid on January 2017 about requiring all LINE@ Users to pay $50 monthly, we'd like to request that we need a better package for us, LINE@ Users. LINE@ has been a really crucial platform for people to expand their connections. It really helps us to share something & develop the whole projects, business, fandoms and others. But, we'd like to remind you that not all LINE@ Users can make money through LINE@ aka non-profit oriented based. They do it to spill their creativities that people may not find in the real society. They don't have much money to pay $50 each month (actually, we can have free access but, 4 posts per month are really far from enough). Also, the payment method is really hard and not effective because, most LINE@ Users are young but creative and they don't have PayPal or Credit Cards (which only people who can make money can have it). So, we'd like to ask all of you, people who are responsibility for this, to bring back the previous LINE@ version. If you guys refuse it, we have an idea. We don't ask for a free package but, a better package which all people can use it and also, you can gain profits too (Because, if the prices are set really high, people will find another platform and they'll leave LINE@. You don't want that to happen, right?) Here's the idea! Let's make the price based on the amount of followers: ( / year — based on our capabilities ) 0-10000 F= $2 10000-30000 F = $5 30000-100000 F = $9 100000-500000 F = $12 500000-more F = $20-$25 *F = Followers We know that you wanna gain higher profits but, you can make money through people who are able to pay for it. We, the profit & non-profit oriented base founders, want to pay for it based on our capabalities. Also, please don't limit the amount of timeline & followers we have. We still understand if you wanna limit the followers. And by paying with these amounts, we can still get rid of spammer & prohibited accounts like, pornography, violence, bullying, and stuff like that. Thank you for receiving our thoughts & requests for your business developments ahead. We hope that our petition could be valid for you.

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