Stop the passing of S​.​3398 EARN IT ACT 2020

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This is a petition to stop the passing of S.3398 EARN IT ACT 2020 and save our freedom of speech right and online encryption privacies but also to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation through the internet. 

The EARN IT Act would establish the National Commission on Online Child Sexual Exploitation Prevention, whose job it would be to create a set of best practices for online companies to follow, with regard to stopping child sexual abuse material.  The agreed best practices would pass through a series of stages before being enacted by Congress. Companies would have to demonstrate that they’re adhering to those best practices in order to retain their Section 230 immunity. “... and other reasons.” 

The beleaguered Section 230 bill means that platform companies are not liable for the content that’s posted on their sites. It’s often considered a pillar upholding free speech on the internet. If the EARN IT act passed, it would effectively mean that tech companies could be held liable for the illegal content uploaded by their users.

We should be keeping young kids from messaging strangers and posting themselves to the world too early instead of allowing for our rights to be revoked to prevent something that we must address as the people directly. This is not right for the government to take such extreme measures that will penalize owners of websites who have no control over what people say or do on their social media accounts, let alone constitutional because they’re impeding our freedom of speech rights by intercepting every message we send. We must stop the passing of the Earn It bill and send them back to the drawing board until they come up with a more effective and constitutional solution.