Keep SC Salons closed

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There is currently a petition going around to reopen Beauty businesses such as hair salons barbershops and nail salons I don’t think people understand that it is not safe Hairdressers barbers nail techs these workers are all within 6 feet of people not to mention that most of these workers do not have any protection against COVID-19 as far as mask goggles gloves would these business be provided with n 95 mask protective goggles gloves for every worker and customer sanitizers disinfectants paper towels toilet paper Because at this point I don’t think that managers/Business owners should be risking their lives going store to store to find all the supplies for their employees when there is already a low stocks of These products i find it highly Unresponsible to push to open these business they are currently nonessential and should stay nonessential Please help hairdressers barbers nail tech stay safe We are a non-essential business help us keep it this way we are in high risk if we reopen I’m not saying that we don’t wanna go back to work that is not it at all but we are within 6 feet of our clients whether we are six people apart from stylist we can never be 6 feet apart from a customer therefore we are at higher risk of contaminating others ourselves and our families with COVID-19 keep us safe keep us nonessential please!!!!!