Lower Tuition due to Hybrid/ Online Format

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of families had their income affected, with that most students are struggling to go back to college due to the high cost of college tuition. Most universities across the U.S. implemented measures to help students during this hard time. Lindenwood is freezing its tuition price, however for many students that can't even afford the old price, that is not much of a help. Even though the courses now are hybrid/online, its claimed that the quality of the education is the same, however it is completely unfair to be charged a price for in-class college experience when most of the time the students will be home. 

An example of universities that are more understanding during this time include Southern New Hampshire University that has offered incoming freshmen full tuition scholarships a cut of 61% in tuition for the next academic year, Hampton University in Virginia reduced tuition and fees by 15%, Williams College will cut tuition by 15% and cut activity fees.