Bring Secondlife In World Support Back

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Samantha Prater
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A Few years back, when Lindenlab decided to get rid of in-world support , as soon as this happened , several players began harassing one another, I had been grid-wide harassed and nothing was/is done still. Secondlife Support had been a staple in-game, helping others. I am Petititoning Linden Lab to bring BACK our in-world support. Because players due to drama blogs, and more are feeling unsafe.


LindenLab won't make a move unless it knows its members are being harassed, and the only way people feel they do anything is if it's handled appropriately. I am asking if you guys put aside differences for a moment, and collectively agree that WE NEED SUPPORT. The only way someone can do something about it, is if you step up and say you're unsafe. PLEASE TELL LL WE NEED OUR SUPPORT GROUP BACK, so the HARASSING from those types of sites WON'T be ignored.


I know several of you gladly would claim me a drama hound, when I am not. I am someone who refuses to back down when rumors are spread online about me.It is unfair that the members are left to their own devices.


Sign the petition so LL can actually realize it's a bad move. that we aren't safe.