Linden Labs, Owners and Founders of "Second Life": Investigate Life Threatening Abuse Reports

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There is a very "nice" automated system in which Residents of the Virtual Universe "SecondLife" have the ability to report abusing situations that would deem more inappropriate and more severe then the average "mute" or "block" can concieve.

Unfortunately. Linden Labs has dropped the ball and is refusing to adhere to their own Terms of Service (ToS from now on). and also refuses to Investigate or Report on these cases. ALL OF THEM.


There are quite a few cases of Very life threatening motives in these Reports. but still, linden labs treats them as if it is Nothing at all. even though the person creating these reports may very well be close to killing themselves.


We need to make linden labs wake up and see that they need to investigate these claims. WAKE UP LINDEN LABS!


Phone: +1 (415) 243-9000

Fax: +1 (415) 243-9045




Press Inquiries:




many people have been asking me "what is this for? why should i sign it?" its simple. If you have ever been a bully, had a friend or loved one that was bullied. or even been involved in a situation where an online mechanic known as 'Block" or "Mute" was no longer the case, as the attackers have found a way around it, then you should sign this.


why? Because this petition is for a system where you can report these types of people. but linden labs has forsaken it. EACH and EVERY signature will make sure that Linden labs checks those reports and actually investigates them.

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