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Protect content creators and customers from copybots

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Second Life is such a great place for people to let out their creative side. Somewhere you can dress up how you like, from custom heads, different mesh body types, and latest hairstyles. It's a place where you can build a home, or live in a trailer, to having your own island. It also opened up the idea that you can work from home as a scripter or a builder. Original content creators contribute a lot in making SL what it is, and also the customers for they help funding the creators. That said, we feel like we haven't been given enough respect and protection. Creators' work have been maliciously copied by people who want an easy buck, or just plain toying with us. Customers who are honestly buying have been cheated by the ones who get it for free, and I'm not even talking about those who asked for custom work only to find out they have been copied.

For Second Life to be a fun and safe place for everyone, we need to get rid of the copybotters. We try to warn everyone about suspicious sellers popping up somewhere. We pay for bot detectors not knowing for sure if they will protect us. All these wouldn't be an issue if only the botters cannot copy from the start.

Linden Lab can disallow copybot viewers to connect to the grid, they can give items unique IDs and delete copied items. All of us really need this and we hope that you could help us make a difference by signing this petition. Thank you very much for your Support!

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