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Linden Lab: Lets try to open a discussion about the third-party exchanges!

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Because thousands of people needs this game to escape from the hard times they live in real or just even to relax and communicate with their friends! Linden Lab treated as if they were worthless!

The game was provided by Linden Lab but finally everything was created by the players!! that's the point of this game! every single texture on the walls, the ground, the buildings or even the players themself are created by users!!

A small amount of default textures is provided to start by Linden Lab but that's nothing if you see the work of realism the users did!

The way they changes the TOS about something that important, without a warning, without a real reason is just not right!

The article 5.3 simply and clearly disallow the third-party exchanges with nothing else but a short email to warn them the same day!

here is the email nothing was changed in it:


As described on the Second Life blog, the updated Second Life Terms of Service disallow
trading of Linden dollars (L$) on exchanges other than the LindeX. As an operator of a
third party exchange, you should cease facilitating L$ trades on your exchange immediately
to comply with the Terms of Service. Any virtual ‘ATMs’ or scripted objects in Second Life
that are connected to your exchange should also be removed immediately.
Please be sure to read the complete updated Second Life Terms of Service and take the
steps necessary to comply and keep your Second Life account(s) in good standing.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. __________________________________________________________________

Also the first section of their own TOS talk about a period of 30 days available to the user to take the necessary measures to comply with the new rules in case of an important change!

They changed the TOS  in may 7th 2013 and the same day they sent an email to the third-party tiers to ask them to cease their activities immediatly en remove all the "ATM" or scripted objects used to exchanges money from the game!

If changing the way people deal with the money of the game and the entire ingame economy is not an important change, what could be?

Some people wont be able to keep paying their land, their club or shop because they simply dont have a credit card able to work on internet, so many activities depend on that virtual money!

Some third-party tiers invested themself in real and created a real company, providing a high quality and safety for the customers and their transactions!

They are not stealing any customers to Linden Lab! They sometimes sell the L$ more expensive than Linden Lab. But they provide to people some payment methods which Linden Lab refuse to allow!

 The safety on the official website of Second Life is not right neither!! You have to sign a permanent authorization to debit your account either on Paypal or with your credit card!! Which mean that if anyone hack your Second Life account, it will be easy to steal all your money because it wont have any authorization required for the next transactions!!

What i blame them for is the way they do things

What i'm asking for is to open a discussion to find a way to please everyone because right now, everyone is losing,

     -The users wont be able to exchanges Linden Dollars (L$) by any alternative way than Paypal and the credit card and that is devastating for them!

     - The third-party tiers which was suscribing to the Risk API system created BY Linden Lab to proove their honnesty, which spent time and money to provide safe services are now dead without a possibility to defend themself!

     - Linden Lab is going to lose many users and investers because of the lack of safety and payment methods on their website.

So lets just take a breath stop acting like selfish and childish people and lets talk together. Please?

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