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Despite being considered a compassionate food company, Linda McCartney Foods still uses palm oil and palm oil fractions in some of its products.
Although palm oil is not an animal product, it is increasingly viewed by a growing number of consumers as environmentally damaging and, therefore, unethical.
Palm oil is often produced through massive rainforest clearance and in South East Asia, this is having a devastating effect on highly endangered species such as orangutans, tigers and elephants. These species become homeless and easy prey to poachers as their habitats are destroyed and starving animals are forced into mono-culture oil palm plantations where nothing else can grow or survive and, as a consequence, they are often caught, tortured and brutally killed.
We are requesting that LM Foods completely remove palm oil and its derivatives from all products and replace them with a wildlife friendly alternative.
We would like to see the company lead the way by saying 'NO' to palm oil. This decision would raise much needed awareness of this urgent matter and would send a clear message to other vegetarian/vegan companies that dropping this oil is an easy and ethical choice to make.
We hope to see the 'orangutan friendly' logo on all Linda McCartney products very soon.

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