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Ban Shark Fin

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"One of the first vertebrates with jaws and the only large animal that's remained unchanged for 400 million years is the shark. New animals to evolve in the ocean have been shaped by their predators, the sharks, giving rise to schooling behaviour, camouflage, speed, size and communication. Sharks control the populations below them, eliminating species that were easy prey and creating new ones. Even though sharks have very few young and take up to 25 years to reach sexual maturity, they've managed to survive through five major extinctions that wiped most life from the planet. They're architects of our world." -- Rob Stewart, Sharkwater (2006)

In honour of Rob Stewart's lifework to stop this destructive and cruel practice, we'd like you to join us in asking Mayor Linda Jeffery to lead Brampton City Council in banning  the sale of shark fins in the City of Brampton.

The City of Brampton discussed a bylaw banning the sale of shark fins in 2011. However, shark fins are still being sold in Brampton. It is time to re-open this discussion and finalize a ban. It's time to make Brampton fin free once and for all.

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Linda Jeffery

Mayor of Brampton​


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