Get Linda the urgent medical treatment she needs before her tumour becomes untreatable

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In mid. April 2018 Linda was taken to Kings hospital, while she was there MRI's and scans showed a tumour in her brain.

On 1st May 2018 the neuro-oncology team told Linda that the tumour is inoperable because of the diffuse infiltrative growth pattern. This type of growth pattern and her age are two of the indicators which later were cited as indicative that the tumour might not be the grade 2 type which they initially told Linda it was.

On 19th. May 2018 after some research Linda sent a mail to the neuro-oncology team alerting them to the seriousness of her condition and asking to be referred to the new cancer unit at Guy's hospital.

Linda had to wait until 5th June 2018 for a biopsy and then till the 21st June 2018 for the results from all of the tests run on the sample.

Between 1st May 2018 and 20th.June 2018, two consultants had met Linda and neither of them mentioned anything about the seriousness of her situation.

On 21st June 2018, having been referred to Guy's, Linda was told by another consultant that the tumour, from further molecular tests, has been found to be suggestive of (but not diagnostic for) a glioblastoma IDH wild type (WHO grade IV) tumour, and WOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH. Linda was told that she would receive radiotherapy every weekday for 6 weeks with concurrent chemotherapy which would continue after the radiotherapy had finished. At this time she was told that she would also have a mask made in the next few days and that treatment would begin in approx 3 weeks.

The consultant Linda saw on 21st June 2018 gave her the biopsy report and from this information Linda sent an email to a friend in USA who is a retired surgeon. He sent Linda the following link, which she sent to the neuro-oncology team at Guy's.


On 28th June 2018, Linda finally got to speak about my prognosis and asked when treatment would begin. The date Linda was given for the commencement of my treatment was 17th. July. However, in the link (mentioned above) it clearly states that the blastoma which is in her brain is the most aggressive primary brain tumour and in the prognosis section that; "The median survival rate for glioblastoma without treatment is 3 months."

Linda was told that the type of tumour she has is rare, about 6 in 100,000. If this is so she can't help but feel that she is urgently in need of immediate treatment.

Linda's concern is that due to her age and physical disability her treatment is being purposefully delayed in the expectation that she will succumb to the median survival of 3 months and therefore will not live long enough to receive the treatment that would extend her life.

Linda has contacted her MP: Kate Hoey who has offered her support but still Linda has heard nothing from her consultant and/or the hospital.

I am writing this to implore you to urgently intervene on Linda's behalf by contacting the Neuro-oncology team at Guy's and Kate Hoey so that Linda's treatment can begin Immediately!

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