No rezoning of 5611 E. Iowa St., Denver, CO

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Dear Denver City Councilmembers,

As concerned neighbors surrounding the parcel at 5611 E. Iowa, Denver, CO, we are opposed to the proposed rezoning of the parcel for “up to 20 units”. We respectfully request no zoning change for the parcel, not because we are anti-growth, but because we support smart, well planned urban development for Denver.

1)     The neighborhood surrounding 5611 E Iowa is an Area of Stability.

a.      While remodeling and renovation has occurred in many residences and businesses in the area, adding residential units of this nature would alter the established character of the neighborhood, which would be inconsistent with Blueprint Denver (DZC § Spot zoning of this parcel is unnecessary and antithetical to the neighborhood.

2)     There is inadequate road infrastructure in this area for “up to 20 units”.

a.      The proposed rezoning would exacerbate a problematic parking situation and increase traffic in an area which is already congested. The Montessori School is a block away and The Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning is two blocks away, along with multiple businesses along this area of Holly Street. The addition of significant traffic flow to this area poses a notable risk to students, residents and other pedestrians.

3)     There is No Circumstance Justifying the Rezoning (DZC §

a.      There has been no change to the neighborhood justifying the rezoning of the parcel.  – The CPD Report states that the “justifying circumstance” for the rezoning is that the neighborhood has changed or is changing “to such a degree that it is in the public interest to encourage a redevelopment of the area” (DZC § Both residents of and visitors to this neighborhood understand that it does not require redevelopment. The neighborhood is sought after by both individuals and families seeking residential property and business owners seeking commercial space. Quite simply, this rezoning is unnecessary to encourage the development of the parcel. 

For the foregoing reasons, we the undersigned request you vote against the proposed zoning change. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.