Registration of Animal Abusers

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The cases of animal abuse continue to rise in the UK, and sentences for those convicted of this type of crime is whoefully poor at times.

Animals cannot speak for themselves, they need us to be their voice and their protector, and as things currently stand in the UK, we are failing them in a big way.

A register of those convicted of animal abuse will help to ensure that the possibility of them ever owning/working with animals again.

This type of registration would allow pet retailers, and rehoming charities, to make a more informed decision about selling, and adoption to those people with a history of animal abuse/neglect, with all prospective buyers/adoptees being required to sign paperwork confirming they are not on this register.

Personal story
I have been a pet companion all of my life, I have also volunteered in the field of animal rescue and rehoming. Whilst volunteering in this field I have become aware of some horrendous stories of animal neglect and abuse..... and I feel passionately that more has to be done to protect animals from this kind of disgusting treatment.