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Reconcile with the Central Park 5

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"On April 19, 1989 the world came to a screeching halt for five teenagers. On that fateful night, five Harlem teens were arrested and subsequently charged with raping and brutalizing a female jogger in Central Park. Not until 2002 would all five be free from prison, after serving a combined total of 44 years for a crime, the world would see, they never committed. [Ms. Fairstein was central to this miscarriage of justice. Encourage her to reconcile with the men she wronged.]

As the Central Park Five were hauled off to prison, another young man would go on to rape at least four more women, killing one pregnant mother in front of her children. Matias Reyes was 17 years old in 1989 but it would take him until 2001 before he would admit to raping and beating that jogger on April 19. He assumed she would die as more than 80% of her blood stained the ground of Central Park.

Following Matias Reyes' confession and DNA match in 2001, the Central Park Five's convictions were vacated. But by that time, they had grown into men, several of them completing their prison sentences.

They each lost anywhere from 6 to 14 years of their freedom at the hands of the city and NYC has yet to offer any apology, let alone a monetary settlement."

Linda Fairstein worked in the NY district attorney's office and was central to the prosecution of the boys. Her decisions to ignore critical, exonerating evidence was key to this miscarriage of justice. In addition, she has never apologized nor made any attempt to reconcile with the people wronged by her actions. Sign this petition and encourage Ms. Fairstein to make amends for her actions.

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