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Cancel Classes this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for First Years to Study for Exams!

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First year exams start on Monday, May 8th - less than a week from now. As major assignments were only finished this past week, we now have only one week to prepare for our year-end exams and we feel that this is by no means sufficient for proper preparation. These exams are one of the most important factors in determining our predicted grades and therefore in determining our success with getting into the colleges we want. Simply put, we, the Class of 2018 do not feel that enough time has been scheduled for us to study for these very imminent and important exams. We have a few hours on the week nights, review time in class and a single weekend but it is not enough for us to get ready to the point that we feel confident we can score well on these exams. We are deeply concerned about this because we know that these exams could have a heavy weighting on our future and because we do not feel like we can adequately prepare under current circumstances. 

As such, the Class of 2018 has created this petition to express our urgent desire to have more time to study for our exams. Our proposal is this: Cancel all first-year classes on Wednesday, May 3rd, Thursday, May 4th and Friday, May 5th so that first year students can study hard for our exams to achieve the scores we want and validate the hard work we have invested in our academics over the past 8 months. We are asking for Linda Curtis, the Dean of Students, Martina Moetz, the Head of School and Victoria Mora, President of UWC-USA to authorize the implementation of this study period. We are open to the form this could take. One option could be for students to check into and remain in a classroom with their adviser once in the morning and again in the afternoon, during which time they are free to study whatever subject they feel necessary and subsequently students could be dismissed at the end of the normal school day. In this arrangement students could seek out personalized help from faculty so that they are not limited to the constraints of the classroom. We truly think that this model or something close to it would be the best way to spend our time in preparation for our exams and therefore that it would be far more effective than sitting in full days of classes because on our own, we can study what we feel is most important for us instead of going over something we already know in class and we can seek personalized help. We genuinely feel as a class that this will help us reach our full potential on our exams and get us much better results in the end.

As for material that still needs to be taught, we think that that can wait until next year when we can absord it better and perform better when tested on it. Also, we feel it unfair to be tested on new material on such high stakes exams.

Please consider our proposal because the exams are fast-approaching. We need this.

Thank you for your consideration,

Your UWC-USA Class of 2018

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