Waive University Fee during coronavirus crisis

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As international students, many of us rely on casual jobs. Due to coronavirus, many have been affected either by losing their jobs or getting their working hours reduced. Some have needed to undergo quarantine without any economic support. We are under tremendous pressure, and the next trimester will be starting in a couple of months when our finances will be tremendously affected.

We are deeply committed to our education at Torrens University, adapting to the change to online classes and dedicated to high-quality results. Although we enrolled face to face subjects a couple of months ago, Torrens University in compliance with the coronavirus public health strategies of the Australian Government has seen the need to transform all our education to online 6 weeks later. 

We urge support from our institution, to waive the fees for next trimester. In these difficult times, we are devoted to adapt and maintain a high standard for our education despite the tremendous difficulty that we are undergoing. We are confident that we can find support at Torrens University to help us get through this difficult period, to come back next trimester and successfully continue our education.