Let Garrett Adair (RobinOW) stay at his Grandma's place so he can continue to stream.

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Hello, I'm Garrett Adair, known online as "RobinOW." I'm a moderator on a twitch stream run by "iDuskk" and I have been planning on doing live streams myself.

Although as life would have it, due to many family issues and school-related issues (Most being out of my control) I am being forced to move to my dad's place. You see, I've been living at my Aunt/Grandma's place for some time now, they have good high-speed internet and I have used my own money to buy an expensive gaming PC. My dad, on the other hand, has satellite internet. Not only that, but he's had a history of drug abuse, and beating his kids with large paddles labeled "ass beater." Sometimes I and my aunt don't see eye to eye, and we get in fights, but I'm afraid this will be much, much worse for me. I will not have the resources to stream much less do my homework when I return from school.

There IS a solution, however. I've been going to a virtual school, that didn't quite work out. There's still another school near the condo that I could go to, But my family refuses, saying it's "Too dangerous." That is a lie, my Dad only wants me to be with him so I can help work on his land and soon to be farm, With no care whatsoever when it comes to school.

I'm a smart, intelligent individual, my intelligence would be wasted on a farm if this were to happen.

So I'm asking you, reader, please, it would make me beyond grateful if even one single person signed this. I can't let my intelligence be wasted. I need help, but the internet is truly the only place I can get that help from.

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