Have a voice about your child's school transport to John Fielding Special School, Boston.

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This petition is to give the parents and carers who currently have transport provision to John Fielding Special School in Boston, Lincs a voice.

To let the Local authority, who have decided to change our transport provider, without any consultation, that they must put the needs of our children and young people first and not the budget. Our children are 'extra special' with severe and profound multiple learning difficulties, many who struggle with transition at the very best of times. A bad start can mean a bad day.

We are concerned about;

*the safety of the new provision e.g seating plans

*whether you can meet the diverse needs of our children

*have the specialist medical training required e.g administering medication, oxygen etc

*ratio of escorts to children

*length of journey e.g less than the advised 45minutes

*complete lack of communication 

Please sign so that we can forward and hopefully make a change.