School Policy Making Children aged 11-16 years old Shave Needs To Be Changed!!!!!!

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 I am just a mum fighting for change!! My son is 14 years of age, and is not as yet ready to begin the life long routine and responsibility of shaving. We don’t believe that a school should enforce such policies on children between the ages of 11-16 or even 18 years of age, dependant on which campus of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust they attend. This kind of policy is not unique just to the above mentioned school. 

I have been told that being clean shaven is in the schools guidelines and uniform policy. I have also been told that being unshaven is scruffy and clean shaven is smart. I absolutely disagree with theses views and policies. I don’t believe that teachers should be going around schools targeting and approaching students to tell them they need to go home and start shaving. It is a very personal choice and a very individual characteristic, purely governed by how late or early any child reaches puberty. They have no control at what age their facial hair grows, both boys and girls. 

I believe that under the Human Rights Act of 1998 Tollbar Multi Academy Trust is seen as a Public Authority. I believe whole heartily that their policy, and that of any other school that has this kind of shaving policy, infringes on each and every child’s human rights. Human rights are based on dignity, fairness, respect and equality (just to name a few). I believe that my son and any other child should be able to choose when they are ready to begin shaving.

I urge you to support us in getting this policy changed and choice put into place for not only my son but all children, and to highlight whether this kind of policy remains suitable today.