Allow children to travel at a reasonable reduced price, any time of the day!

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Quote from stagecoach - 'Child fares for single tickets are only available after 9:00 on schooldays, at weekends and during school holidays.'

 Due to this rediculous rule, i had the displeasure of witnessing a child being upset and worried on a school morning at 7.50, for being refused a childs single ticket into the city centre, and having to pay an adults fare instead. Which resulted in the child having no money to travel further or purchase lunch from school. And me having to help her out with the small change in my pocket so she could at least get home safely!

With children starting school at 9.00 each day, children and parents are being forced to pay the extra before the allocated hours to allow their child to travel to school... unless they purchase a return. 

I am here to apeal against this rule and get it changed so children have a right to a reduced price child ticket with no restricted hours. Children are children 24 hours a day - until the age of 18, not just after 9AM!! 

This will benefit both parents, and the travel company in the long run due to cheeper tickets and potentially more children traveling to school on the busses. Haven't they just restriced the concessionary free bus pass to the hours of 9.00 to 23.00 to make space for school children?? 

Please sign this petition so i can go to Lincolnshire County Council and the local MP's AND give our children the discounted travel that they are entitled too. This could even affect your child/grandchild in future. So its beneficial to all.