Reconsider Dr. Allen’s Contract OR We Will Not Return!

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To the Lincoln University of Pennsylvania Board of Trustees:


We, the students of Lincoln University, are angered, upset, and confused by the removal of our beloved university president, Brenda Allen. Prior to her removal, a petition, which held over 14,000 signatures from concerned students, faculty, and alumni was created in support of Dr. Allen and her stay at our university. As students our voices should always be heard and it is very disappointing that we were blatantly ignored in this situation.


Not only are we in the midst of a pandemic, but to make matters worse, some students are expected to return on campus as early as the first week of August, and there have been no solidified plans made regarding our return. Aside from that, we are supposed to pay 80% of our bill before arriving on campus, and do not have our bills listed in Web Advisor. These are matters that President Allen would have had together, if she was not facing an ongoing battle with the Board of Trustees.


We are expected to wait days for an interim president to be named and even then, they need to become acclimated with the university and their presidential duties. How can we expect a new leader to create a solution for this within the next few weeks?


This decision was not made in the best interest of the students, and as stakeholders of this university, we are clearly not being respected. If Brenda A. Allen does not have her contract reconsidered, we will NOT be returning back to Lincoln and each signature on this petition will reflect that!