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Appeal from Student Body to the Lincoln University Community at Large:

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We Must Ask for The Resignation of Chairlady Kimberly Lloyd
and the Restoration of Our Institution!

As we look at Lincoln University today, we find that it pales in comparison to what was once renown across the world as the “Princeton of HBCUs”. In years past, "Lincoln Pride" was known as more than just a catchphrase to be shouted out at an athletic event or a phrase to printed on a T-shirt. It was the verbal manifestation of an almost tangible aura that permeated the entire campus; an energy that was entrenched within and surged from the hearts of students, faculty, and staff alike. When one searches for that same pride today, it is unfortunately nowhere to be found and all that remains in its vacancy is an overwhelming sense of agitation, confusion, and angst. We must be honest with ourselves and admit the inconvenient truth- the university is in free fall. It has become obvious that the spirit of Lincoln University has been asphyxiated over the past couple years. Every day brings with it a new crisis and the pillars that had once held the institution together in turbulent times have all but vanished, each of them overused, unappreciated, and ultimately rejected by those currently in power. Over the last several months, there has been a mass exodus of Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Professors, Coaches, Technicians, and a plethora of other employees. All of this brought on by a noxious environment engendered by both the actions of university leadership and the inaction of the university community as a whole to hold those in office accountable.



1) According to the 2015 University Factbook, student activity spending has been reduced by 41% over the last five years. However, room and board fees have steadily increased each year for the last three years.

2) Students being forced to move into and live in unfinished residential halls, after struggling to pay tuition and make room deposits.

3) Upperclassmen were told to find their own housing on their own, when they were effectively locked out of the waitlist housing process.

4) The lack of effective resources at the academic level has led to more students taking the wrong courses, not in sequence, because of leadership failure to work with the seasoned academic advising professionals that understand the proper navigation of the system.

5) Students have received a disproportionate rate of criminal offense records as a result of inconsistent and fully maligned University judicial processes.

6) Food service delivery is subpar in quality, consistency or availability. Students spend more money and time eating after the cafeteria is closed; (i.e., takeout and Walmart).

7) It has been discovered by the last SGA administration that student activity fees paid by students have not been equally disbursed in the intended allocation categories, resulting in 40% of these total funds being re-directed into the University’s general operating budget.

For 22 consecutive months, Lincoln University has been governed by a deliberately dysfunctional and stagnant Board of Trustees. At the helm of its leadership and direction is a Board Chair, Ms. Kimberly Lloyd, who has diabolically, systematically, and methodically chosen to dismantle all forms of productive University growth by NOT partnering and collaborating with key stakeholders. As a result, she and the University Administration, without authorization and approval from the Board of Trustees at large have filed a civil suit against the Lincoln University Parents Association (LUPA), has unsuccessfully facilitated a consensual process of formalizing a Faculty Senate and has ignored the Alumni Association of Lincoln University’s (AALU) call for participation in the search for a permanent University President.

When one asks what the source of this climate of unrest and discontent is, the answer undoubtedly lies within the leadership at the helm of the institution. The entire management, control, and conduct of the instructional, administrative, and financial affairs of the University are vested in the Board of Trustees according to the Lincoln University bylaws. The negligence of the leadership of the Board, Chairwoman Lloyd in particular, in their duty to effectively manage the institution and maintain an atmosphere conducive to its success has engendered a plethora of critical issues that threaten the stability of the university. If Lincoln University is to thrive, and not simply survive, we need leadership that acts as a consistent unifying agent, instead of an ever-present polarizing force.

It is with this knowledge that we, the students of Lincoln University, now release this petition and solicit the aid of the entire Lincoln University community in standing with us in our demand for an immediate end to this turmoil. The maelstrom of administrative folly, academic lethargy, and redundant division that has engulfed Lincoln University over the past several years must be quelled immediately, for the sake of the legacy and future of our beloved institution.

We Must Ask for The Resignation of Chairlady Kimberly Lloyd
and the Restoration of Our Institution NOW!

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