Support Laura and her acceptance back to her home

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In my 11th grade year I attended my public high school. I had to stop attending my private all-girl school which I had gone to since I was in 7th grade. I spent my 11th grade year growing, learning, and becoming a better me. I have always had anxiety, but was diagnosed with Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia just this year. Bascially I had been living with these terrible conditions that were controlling almost all of my life. I say almost because even though it did affect my school life, it never stopped my love for learning. Lincoln School, my family, made going to school everyday a thing I looked forward to. Something that was a light even when everything else was dark. Every girl in my class always bringing something unique to the day. The support, humor, trust, and love I had a Lincoln is unparalleled to anything else in this world. I applied for my senior year, with the thought I was going to get in. I had left Lincoln unwillingly with the promise, "she can come back next year, no matter what," sadly that promise was not kept. I was not accepted for my senior year based on the fact that it was senior year, and acceptance is very rare. Besides beating all the odds, and passing 11th grade, and kicking anxiety's butt I was not allowed back to my home because of the grade I applied to. I ask you to sign this petition to show that you guys are my family. My class, Lincoln School, is my home. The one place where I am always accepted. When I got the official 'No' from Lincoln I was sad, but not as sad as days passed and I thought about what it would feel like to not wear a white turtle neck on Lumina, or cry in a circle on the lawn on the last day. What made me write this petition for support, is the simple thought of not walking across the stage with all my sisters wearing a white dress. I want my family back, I deserve my family back, please if you support me coming back and being apart of the Lincoln School Class of 2019, sign this. I am not taking a 'No' for an answer. This is my home, and no matter what, I will fight to come back to it.