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Equality for Lincoln and Lancaster county youth!

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On November 13 it was announced by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department and Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird that they are prohibiting all youth and high school sports and many other youth activities for the next three weeks. 

The purpose of this petition is to get our local health officials to review this mandate and to reconsider the restrictions that have been made. Restrictions which question the equality for Lincoln and Lancaster county youth and the businesses that support them.

There is data to support that the restriction of sports or other activities in Lincoln and Lancaster county is not going to "flatten the curve".

  • 354 schools in Nebraska get to start sports today, but not the 14 in Lincoln and Lancaster county.
  • Over 50% of the patients currently in the hospitals in Lincoln are not residents of Lancaster county.
  • A study by The University of Wisconsin shows the low impact of high school sports on COVID spread.

There is an understanding in the community that restrictions need to take place to help stop the spread. However, these restrictions should take equality into consideration. Currently they do not.

  • Sports organizations and dance studios are businesses too. Other businesses have not been asked to shut down.
  • Every other youth in the state is playing except for Lincoln and Lancaster county. Numbers across the state are no different than they are in Lincoln and Lancaster county. 
  • College level sports teams are still playing in Lincoln.

Still not convinced these restrictions need to be reviewed?

There are numerous studies that show the mental well-being of our kids is already at risk because of COVID. Treating the youth of Lincoln and Lancaster county differently than every other youth in the state will only add to the already surmounting mental health issues.

Please reconsider!

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