Make Tights Non-Compulsory

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Many people in our school community feel as though having the tights compulsory for June, July and August is unreasonable and unnecessary and it causes more issues than it solves. Our petition is to change the tights so that they are still available for students to wear but are now non-compulsory.

A large number of students who are being made to wear the tights say that they are uncomfortable. There is also a wide range of students when wearing the tights causes allergic skin reactions such as eczema.

Not only is it uncomfortable it is also unreasonable. Students who wear shorts are not being made to wear long trousers in June, July and August yet students who wear the skirt are being made to wear the tights. We can't seem to find the reasoning for why one has to cover up and the other doesn't. We aren't saying that we are wanting the students who wear shorts to be forced to wear long pants as uniform requirements like this should be optional and up to the student's preference.

Teachers and management members should be caring more about our education and our grades rather than what we are wearing on our legs.

We understand that you are trying to protect us from the weather but the majority of us think that the tights are impractical and do more harm than good ( wet, soggy tights on a cold day makes it even worse).

We would appreciate if you would consider our plea and we are sure you will be respectful and supportive ( Using the schools Tikanga values of Whakamana and Whakapono) of our opinion on the school policy of compulsory tights.

I have always valued the fact that at Lincoln High School I have always been able to make decisions for myself and that the school allows us to grow and be independent. We have all been raised here at Lincoln to be strongminded to make our own decisions ( if we are cold we will decide to wear tights for ourselves).

Kind regards,

Emma Grant, Alice Chambers and Emma Jackson.