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LCHS Students Should Be Recognized for Exceptional Achievements at Graduation

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High school graduation is a major accomplishment for many people in our community. It signifies the end of one chapter in life and a start of another. Whether that new chapter be at a higher education facility or in the workforce, we all are quick to congratulate these young minds for progressing through some of the most important years of their lives.

That being said, we have historically honored the top GPAs of the class. We have honored those that are part of national organizations and completed certain criteria to remain in good standing. The students that go above and beyond should always be celebrated.

As an alumni of LCHS, I was fortunate to be in the top 15% of my class. I was also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to represent the National Honor Society. This means I was able to purchase a blue robe (unlike the normal red robe of LCHS graduations) and to wear a sash depicting my involvement. Not long after my graduation there was a formal decision against the different coloring in robes to represent class standing. Now all members of the class wear red.

I recently heard that the school wants to implement another change to graduation. Besides the fact that they have switched to a more standardized curriculum in which students are no longer required to complete things on time and can retake tests multiple times to get better grades; but that is a whole different scenario to be discussed. 

Recipients of the Governors Scholars Program will now not be allowed to wear anything that indicates they received and participated in this program. For those that do not know what this is, it is a HIGHLY competitive program in which students are chosen to go spend time at an actual college during the summer between their junior and senior year of high school. They get to understand what college life is about all while networking and learning new study habits. It is an amazing program that I was not lucky enough to be a part of, but I know classmates that were able to go that would agree it helped them prepare for college. 

This petition wants to make sure all students receive their due recognition for GSP and any other exceptional opportunity that the school has opposed. We as a community cannot allow the school system to hold these young minds back in hopes to satisfy the few that these honors may upset. These are young adults. They do not need to be reassured that they are all equal and that a few should not be able to express their accomplishments publicly. Not everyone is valedictorian. We all can't be employee of the month. We can't always come in first. Start preparing these kids for the real world.

Trust me when I say that any graduate from a smaller school like LCHS has a long road ahead. Many of the staff are amazing, but for various reasons I honestly do not believe that anyone who graduates from LCHS is 100% college ready and it seems to only go down hill as the years progress. We need to push these children to want to achieve higher goals, especially since many do not have strong support systems or individuals that are constantly inspiring them to do better. I personally had a challenging transition between high school and college. My transition into a doctorate program was even harder. I just hope that these graduates do not get to college or the workforce and be discouraged to set high expectations for themselves.

If you think that students of the GSP and other accomplishments should be honored and represented in LCHS graduation please sign this petition. Let's help improve the future of not only our children, but our community as a whole.

 *Please note that this has not been a written "policy" in the past and has not been listed anywhere in the information provided to graduating students. It is simply a change that the high school has decided to implement. It is encouraged to contact both the school leadership and board of education to express your concerns.


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