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Currently there is not a disc golf course in Lincoln City. This petition will help our efforts in creating another course on the coast.

Letter to
Lincoln City disc golf development.
These club efforts are for the promotion and development of the sport of Disc Golf in the city of Lincoln City, Oregon.

To the attention of: supporters of a disc golf course in Lincoln City, Oregon.

If you would like to support the LCDGC (Lincoln City Disc Golf Club) in its efforts to create a free, public Disc Golf course in the city limits, please sign this petition.

Disc Golf is played according to the same basic rules as golf, however;
-the ball and clubs are replaced by Frisbees (discs).
-the hole is replaced by a basket.

The object of Disc Golf is to complete 9 or 18 holes, just like golf, with the lowest number of strokes.
A brief history of Disc Golf:
-has been around for over 50 years.
-is played on more than 5,000 courses in over 40 countries.
-is played by people of all demographics.
-there are over 60 courses in Oregon alone and just a handful on the coast, one on the central coast (Newport, OR).
-is very affordable (disc costs are $15 - $20 and courses are usually free of charge).

Disc Golf has been growing rapidly with thousands of rated men and women players that compete for prize money worldwide. For more information, please visit for updated events, tournaments, standings and much more.

Finally, this initiative is in complete respect for nature and the natural environment. No trees or wildlife will be cut down or damaged. Disc Golf adapts to the natural surroundings and is a fun, passive recreational activity.

The LCDGC (Lincoln City Disc Golf Club) thanks you for the support. Each person and signature helps support the sport and development of our course in the Lincoln City region.

Jamison Holtz
Recreation Administrative Assistant
City of Lincoln City, Oregon

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