Stop the misinformation about boneless wings

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We've been casually ignoring a problem that has become so out of control, it will have long-term implications if not addressed NOW. We have been unconsciously spreading misinformation without thinking twice about the potential dangers that could result. As a result, our children have been taught that it's okay to throw around words and phrases without understanding their true meaning. I'm talking about boneless chicken wings.

My name is Ander Christensen, and it is time to weed the garden of our language. We have been allowing the creeping vine of boneless chicken wings to grow for too long. There is nothing about a boneless wing that comes from the wing of a chicken. We need to teach our children properly, and show them that meat grows on bones.

I propose that we change the name of boneless chicken wings to something that accurately represents the food itself, saucy nugs. I will take this petition in front of the Lincoln City Council and press them to make real, meaningful change. Until they see the light, I am asking you to spread the word. We can force the change if we refuse to say the name. Together, we can stop the spread of misinformation and change the context behind the boneless chicken wing. If we fail to make change, enjoy ordering a prime rib and receiving a flank steak.