Stop All Days Massacre

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A quick update

hi there a quick update on this petition that I have sent out, a real horrible even that will take place let's try and share and get as many signs as we can so that it can be sent to the Limpopo government there's many people like me that is against the killing of animals and such a sick way. 4497 signs and counting let's use our social media and make it favour us. For every sign that takes place will pass this over to the email address that was provided from the Limpopo goverment. It's really good to see the change people have by supporting this, I've read most of the comments and I see many people that hunt have shrude insults about this im a neutral person and don't judge what people do for their fun but really now you as a hunter can you really agree with this appalling event to destroy many harmless animals and make them your trophy??

ishaan chaturi
5 years ago