Limit Mass Shootings

Limit Mass Shootings

October 15, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Damir Insanic

First of all I want to say Thank You to all Military, Police, First Responders, Health Care Workers, Teachers and all others. 
I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and was only teenager when war started. If anything, I know about violence. But, I’m all about peace. This is not about gun control but just a quick tip. Bosnia was defended by hunters and criminals and reason why is because they are only ones that had guns. There would be more people killed if it wasn’t for them. With that being said, in this country they are using gun violence to take away our rights and mask other issues. Law obeying citizens are not ones that go out and commit crimes with their guns. There are already laws about guns and government needs to follow them and not make even more laws and rules that they can’t enforce. 
MASS SHOOTING, will never end, however there is way to slow them down. Not by banning guns but by taking small steps that are 100% possible to do and easy. A lot of mass shootings happens because person has mental issues. Here is how it starts:

  1. there is possibility that there may be some family issues, parents involved in drugs or alcohol, unstable marriages…
  2. child is being bullied at school and social media
  3. Child becomes withdrawn because if they report bullying, bully will get suspended but come back to same school and bullying will be worse. Suspension for them is a gift and not punishment. 
  4. child develops anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations, anti social…
  5. child grows up in their own bubble and if not addressed it could become poisonous. 

  6. with a help of social media and news, they realize that if they commit mass shooting that everyone will know about them. Whole country will know who they are, how they look like. For some of the people that may be more powerful and they use that as excuse for what was done to them in past. Victim becomes monster. And that is because of failing system. 

mass shooting can’t be stopped and if people think that they can are highly mistaken. But to slower them down here is what can be done.

  1. Make more strict rules and laws about child bullying
  2. make a Federal Law that will forbid publication of suspected mass shooters picture or name.
  3. focus on victims and not suspects 
  4. delete all social media of suspected mass shooter
  5. only publish name and picture of suspect if one is at large and law enforcement needs help find them. 

  6. any mass shooter will be placed in isolation and receive mandatory death penalty that will be imposed on them within 5 years and not longer.
  7. if people know that they will not get any media attention, nobody will know about them, will receive mandatory death sentence, will be in prison no longer then 5 years in isolation, they will seek proper help before becomes too late. Like I said, it will not stop mass shootings but will slow them down and if only one mass shooting is prevented because of that , it’s worth.

Please sign petition and let’s make steps to make this country safer for our kids to live in. 

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Signatures: 72Next Goal: 100
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