Limit Chinese herbal medicine sales to Licensed Acupuncturists only

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Evergreen herbs, LhasaOMs, Acu-Market, People's Herbs, and probably many more require you to be a licensed health care practitioner to order from them, but this may include professions like Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Naturopathic Doctors, Nurses, etc. 

At my former office, the NDs would sometimes prescribe Chinese herbs from Evergreen's speciality line, such as Dissolve GS (Gallstone) or Polygonum 14 purely based off of one the one chief complaint (gallstones, or hair loss), and not from Chinese medicine differentiation. Working alongside them, I told them I was uncomfortable with that, and recommended patients to see me, or another L.Ac trained in Chinese herbal medicine before being prescribed Chinese herbs. My primary concern was safety for the patients - I knew which herbs may be contraindicated or prescribed with caution with certain conditions, like pregnancy, hypertension, or certain medications. They did not. They even asked me to order formulas like Resolve (lower) and Mense-Ease for a patient I had never seen, because she asked for it -- because a previous L.Ac had prescribed it for her (over a year ago). I again told them, I was uncomfortable with it, and refused to purchase the herbs for them. They went behind my back, and ordered the herbs with my account, and sold it to the patient, essentially over the counter.

Aside from the fraud issue above, the deeper issue is that these practitioners can simply create their own account and continue practicing like this. One way to prevent this, is to limit the sales of Chinese herbs (and acupuncture needles) to Licensed Acupuncturists only.