Petition update

Halfway there!

Mark Dennehy
Stepaside, Ireland

Mar 8, 2013 — Folks, we've hit the half-way point on our petition to ask Limerick Racecourse to not listen to ICABS and to save hare coursing there. We have five hundred signatures. This is fantastic. We've done brilliantly to get this far...

But wouldn't it be even more brilliant if we reached our goal of a thousand signatures before ICABS reached theirs and when Limerick Racecourse were handed a petition to ban coursing by ICABS, they could just reach into a drawer, pull out our completed petition to save coursing and just say "no thanks lads, we're backing fieldsports"?

Come on folks, we can do this, share the petition link, get people to sign it - if everyone who's signed so far just got one extra person to sign this weekend, we could do this by Monday!


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