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Unfair Termination

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We, the undersigned consultants from the Balkans, would like to address you regarding your decision to terminate the contract of our friend and colleague, Nenad Perovic. We would like to show our support for Nenad, and help him regain his position of a consultant.

On March 13th, 2017 Nenad was fired because a student, who had never showed up on class on 11/03 at 18:30h Taipei time, reported that Nenad was smoking during the session. The truth is Nenad was smoking before 30th minute, not knowing the time before a student enters the session can be recorded.

First of all, we understand that this is considered a serious violation of the service agreement, and we do not deny the gravity of the act. However, we would like you to reconsider your decision regarding the matter because such incident had never happened before, and won’t happen again. Nenad is a highly rated consultant, with two certificates and considerable experience, and with over 300 sessions conducted for TutorABC - the majority of which have been SJ classes in the last two months. Nenad also referred over 20 people to TutorABC, and all of them are now highly rated consultants as well. He has also helped a lot of new consultants in their on-boarding process.

This petition is to express our disagreement with your decision, since we think immediate termination was a very harsh decision,
especially without any previous suspension or other penalties. Another reason for this petition is that, as your employees, we are also afraid that similar action could be taken against us without any previous warning. We do agree that some kind of suspension is necessary for this violation, however we believe that immediate termination is an unfair reaction from your side. Nenad is great teacher and he supports his family with this job, which means he is now in a very bad situation. A dedicated worker and an excellent teacher such as Nenad is hard to find, and it is indeed a great loss for the company and the clients.

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