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At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!

The BLM movement has been a wake up call from our world of privilege to see that Malaysia is NOT exempted from being racist.
We have work to do Malaysians.

This Billboard is a poster of Lim Kok Wing claiming to be King of Africa. The photo shows him in the center of his Sierra Leone students, celebrating him. There is nothing wrong in the use of this particular photo. However, I HEAVILY disagree with how it has been executed. 

Black students in Lim Kok Wing University are angry and hurt by the insensitivity of LKW's action. However, they are unable to speak out in fear of them losing their visa and encountering issues with malaysia's immigration - A recent case in 2019, Thomas Orhions Ewansiha, he was a Nigerian student who passed away whilst under immigration custody. Let us speak out for them!

Why is this WRONG?

1. It is incredibly condescending as it portrays him as a savior. This perpetuates the notion that black people need saving, taking away their power and psychologically placing them in an inferior role. The use of a jungle animal and reference to "king" perpetuates ideas of Africa as one big jungle and adds to the (wrongful) animalistic characterization of the students.

2. The photo has been edited to increase the horde of black students surrounding him, further painting him as a 'Hero'. This paints a picture of these students lacking individuality perpetuating the notion that all black people are the same. As you can see in the before and after photo, the photo (though I cannot say intentionally) has been causing them to mold into one! NOT OKAY.

3. The use of the photo of his students in Sierra Leone pressing up against him is a common photo used by the media to portray black people as 'savage' and 'animalistic'. This may not have been his intention; however, I implore you to consider the implications of using photos like this knowing the current climate of the world and its views on people of African descent. They have a beautiful history of Grace, of Power, of Kings & Queens and it is a Shame that people do not use photos like that to advertise the culture and lineages that Africa truly has.

Lastly, if this poster is meant to highlight his many campuses in Africa, it has FAILED to do so. What it does portray is how absolutely narcissistic he is and how he DEHUMANIZES his students in these campuses whilst profiting off of them. If he is profiting off of Black people, he should make an effort to also stand up for them in this #BlackLivesMatter movement and show his many students a decent amount of RESPECT. This poster needs to be TAKEN DOWN A FORMAL APOLOGY should be given to his African students.

This is ignorant. This is insensitive. This is completely unacceptable behavior. I have also included a template from Killing Georgina to showcase what a sincere apology looks like. You can also donate to her in an effort to support Black Artist/Creators.

Please share this so that it may grab the attention of the right people so that a change can be made.



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