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Hollie Cameron
Brechin, United Kingdom

Jun 8, 2013 — You recognize that this is a unique case, that the deer has never been in the wild, never been around her own kind, never known anyone else in her life apart from the people who have brought her up. They followed the rules of what they knew when they found those two fawns on the side of the road. They called the police, they asked if they would be able to try and save Lilly's life. That police officer gave them permission to try.

It is disgusting that you would find it more acceptable for them to cut up that deer and eat it, than it would be to keep it as a common household pet, which is so clearly is. You have seen the videos, you have seen the pictures and yet, you still think that this deer should be removed. It's cold hearted, idiocy for you to intervene the way you have and tell them that they have to give up an animal who is now a member of their family.


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