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This Petition Is Mentioned On Yahoo! News!

Hollie Cameron
Brechin, United Kingdom

Jun 6, 2013 — This petition has just been mentioned in Yahoo! News! Thank you so much for signing and getting this petition to the attention of the media! The latest from The DNR is also on this page. Please read it.

LILLY HAS NEVER BEEN A WILD ANIMAL! They need to listen. It's disgusting that it would be more acceptable for the couple to kill the deer and grill it than raise it as a pet where it is CLEARLY very happy! They had no idea it was a illegal to raise a deer and neither did the police officer who gave them permission to save Lilly. The police officer should be held accountable for that mistake! Not Lilly, or the couple who took her in!

Please continue to share this petition! Thank you.


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