Petition Update

Lilly vs The DNR Continues

Hollie Cameron
Brechin, United Kingdom

Jun 5, 2013 — In the last hour, a story has suffered claiming that The DNR are refusing to back down. Please see the link. We need to continue to increase the signatures on this petition as quickly as possible, so that I can send to The DNR. If enough people are against this, maybe we can make a difference! Keep the hope alive.

Update! 'Lilly' The Deer vs. DNR The Saga Continues [VIDEO]
Update! 'Lilly' The Deer vs. DNR The Saga Continues [VIDEO]
The saga of 'Lilly' the deer vs. the DNR appears to be heating up.The latest twist to the story that we posted yesterday is that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources isn't backing down from its threat to remove Lilly the deer from her family.