Save the Rafael Navarro B Murals!

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Two phenomenal 29’ x 9’ hand painted murals created by Rafael Navarro B (Barajas) in 1967 are in jeopardy of being “encapsulated” behind false walls here in Austin, Tx at the Medical Park Tower on 38th Street.

Lillibridge—the property owners—are renovating and do not want these historic and beloved murals to be a part of their new design ethic. They can not simply take the murals down because even though Mr. Barajas painted them on canvas, a conservator who was hired to fix damage in the 90’s used a penetrating adhesive which glued the paintings to the walls. So, Lillibridge wants to cover the works by building walls over them!

However, this is a huge, unmanageable problem because the unknown damage that could occur from water, rodents or bugs wouldn’t be discovered until the day the walls would be removed, which, at this juncture, is also unknown and years and years down the road.

These murals deserve to stay where they are—for the public to admire, enjoy and protect—at their current location. OR moved for posterity to a new safe location—however, to do so, someone would have to raise funds for cutting the murals with the walls they are on, get them moved OUT of the current building and placed via crane onto giant flatbed trucks, then carefully driven to a museum or other site.

Please! Help me convince Lillibridge that Mr. Barajas irreplaceable, exquisite murals should stay where they are! The renovations to modernize the buildings interior would look amazing with these works in place.

Thank you!

Sara Hickman