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Release Kerry! She's innocent!!

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Support our campaign to free Kerry. High Court judges admitted there was no evidence, yet she has been sentenced to 18 years for a murder she didn't commit.

 Kerry was in the wrong place at the wrong time and consequently was convicted of murdering Luke Moran, because his friend, a known drug user, phoned the Police, gave a false name and accused her. This young mother of 3 was then arrested immediately and had full forensics before she would have had time to wash or change clothing. Yet there was no actual evidence ever found. There was no blood on her, no DNA and no weapon. The accuser, who did have Luke's blood on him, told the Police that she was a 'mixed race' woman. He then later accused her two brothers of trying to intimidate witnesses and they were imprisoned, also with no evidence. They were released having been found not guilty.


The Head of Nottingham Crime and Justice responded to a letter from the family in 2014  and engaged a senior Police Officer from Derby to review the actions of the Nottinghamshire Police. He concluded that there was no evidence to convict Kerry this was circumstantial evidence.   Members of Nottinghamshire Police Force have admitted to the family that at the time they all knew she was innocent and couldn't understand why the CID were pushing the case so hard, partly because there was a man's name on the radar. The family were assured on several occasions by professionals there was no case to try and that the jury had nothing to convict her on. Yet, in our so-called justice system she was convicted of murder and sentenced to 18 years full term, with full Police knowledge of her innocence.


On February 18th 2015, a young man came forward on his 20th birthday and handed himself in at the Police station, with his mother present, and confessed to the murder saying he couldn't live with it any longer. He had told his mother that he was guilty two years previously. The Police investigated following his statement and found everything he said to be true, even to timings, despite the fact that he does have mental health issues. The Police tried to convince him in his evidence that he had done this because he knew one of the daughters, even though she had never spoken to him and he said the same.


The CCRC referred the case back to the Court of Appeal, but by this time the young man had partially retracted his confession and the prosecution relied on a psychiatrist who insisted that that the young man was never reliable. Despite all the evidence to the contrary. One of the psychiatrists who assessed him says that it is not a delusion it is a real memory.


No-one, least of all Kerry, wants another innocent person to be charged with murder. However, the details that he has given are things even Kerry didn't know. He has also been able to produce a weapon, which forensics say could have been the knife that was used. He described how he did it and again the forensic pathologist said it was highly possible. He even mentioned seeing a woman in the lane and this was actually an off-duty community policewoman who had logged the incident at the time and the notes were already in Police possession, yet had not been brought to the initial trial. There is no way the man could have known about it.


Kerry has been imprisoned since that day, for 5 years and 7 months. In that time her 3 children have grown up without their mother. The eldest has emerged into womanhood through her prom years and into University without the support of her loving mother. The second has faced her major school exams having had to move schools because she needed the support of her extended family. She has developed trauma-induced epilepsy. The youngest has not only changed school but had to face the transition to secondary and the teenage years without Mum. They have all faced bullying in school and through Facebook and social media from the deceased's family and friends. At the appeal they were confronted by Luke Moran's mother who was verbally abusive to them and the extended family, in public. They then watched as Mr Moran verbally attacked and threatened their Nan. The Police did nothing to protect them even though they knew the family had had their car tyres slashed five years ago and again on the day of appeal, to prevent the family attending. Since then they have had to face their neighbourhood being plastered with flyers abusing them and giving the home address of one of the family. Kerry's Mum had her house petrol-bombed and Mr Moran's son was imprisoned for 6 months. She had to move out of the area due to the persecution. It is a terrible thing to lose a child, especially through murder and our hearts go out to the Morans. However, this case is a tragedy because 3 children have lost their mother and a mother has lost her children through no fault of her own.


This is not the first case of a huge miscarriage of justice in the UK. Yet this case is unique because someone has come forward 4 years later to confess to a crime, giving evidence that was never in court or the media, but has been verified. Our judiciary system requires a guilty verdict for someone else in order to release an innocent person. Due to his mental health such a verdict is very unlikely. Nonetheless justice needs to be done. The law needs reviewing with regard to appeals.


Don't let this be another Nealon or Hallam case. Police have failed to check evidence just like they did in these two cases. Those of us who have lived this nightmare with her, now question everything the Police and the justice system do. We have lost faith in the concept that you are innocent until PROVEN guilty. We doubt court cases and Police evidence because of what we have seen first hand.


Help us free this mother. Everyone who knew her says she was a lovely person, and everyone who knew her is still devastated about what happened to her. If it could happen to a quiet unassuming woman like Kerry, could it happen to you? Speak out now and join the campaign for justice!




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