Screen your facility from lightning and its effects

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The cities are growing faster in terms of technology and its complexity. The natural imbalances are increasing the level of lightning activities on earth. It is important to recognize the importance of incorporating protection to your buildings and also the equipments indoors.

The risk assessment must be done and an appropriate protection must be installed at highest point of structures to be protected. Lightning is a devastating natural phenomenon that causes thousands and billions of voltages striking on the ground. These powerful voltage and frequency can lead to irreparable person and property damages. For creating a barrier or a protection covering for your facility, you must know the facts and controlling techniques to tackle the issue. The electric spark can even hit you while you are inside the house. Hence, this deadly concern must never be ignored or left unnoticed. Conventional protection system and advance protection system based on Early streamer emission are used widely. Conventional methodology involves air terminal with sharp pointed spikes to capture the down streamer effectively. The conventional air terminal can be of single spike or five spikes made of highly conductive materials such as – copper, GI, Aluminium, Copper clad aluminium, etc mounted on the highest point of the structure to be protected.

The early streamer emission based advance technology is a powerful weapon to ground these lightning discharges. There are many known and proven protection solutions. But, the one that works on early streamer emission principle. ESEAT is positioned on the topmost point as the lightning always strikes on any conductor at its nearest point. The lightning protection system constitutes an ESE air terminal, Down conductor and earthing system. This coherent technology is manufactured and installed as per relevant standards. The ESE air terminal is CPRI tested and is complying to NFC-102:2011 and IEC 62305. This non electronic based system guarantees protection up to 107meters. It initiates and develops continuous upward streamer creating a low resistant path for electric current and guides it to the ground via a down conductor. The down conductors laid connecting the air terminal and the earthing system; it is also made of good conducting material. They provide multiple path to dissipate this over voltage. Materials are selected to minimize corrosion and is designed such that there is no ingress of dust and moisture.

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