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2020 Olympics: Men's Sprint K2 200 & C2 Slalom may drop for Women's Canoe

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Feb 26, 2014 — The Royal Canoe Club reports that in November 2013 the Intl Canoe Federation voted to drop the men's sprint K2 (2 person kayak) & men's slalom C2 (2 person canoe) events to make room for women's sprint & slalom C1 (singles canoe) events for Tokyo 2020. The ICF never publicly announced this, though they did announce they would propose 2 women's canoe events to the IOC.
The IOC established caps on the number of athletes & events ("quotas") on all Sports. There is no indication these quotas can be exceeded. Events must drop for events to be added.

The 2012 Olympic Canoeing (or Canoe/Kayak in layman's terms) quota was only 330. Similar multi-discipline/multi-equipment sports like Cycling & Rowing have 530 & 550 athlete quotas spots. Our Sport is woefully under-represented. Tough decisions.
Women's Canoe - Ready4Rio. But we wait for 2020.

ICF to drop men's K2 200m from Olympics
ICF to drop men's K2 200m from Olympics
Guy Dresser | Royal Canoe Club - The International Canoe Federation has voted to drop mens K2 (kayak pairs) 200m sprint racing from the Olympic programme to make way for a new women's canoe event.