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The Black Community Has Been Denied Leadership For Over 30 Outrageous Years

Dear Supporter,

For over 30 long and painful years, the UK government has denied the Black community the right to freely hear the voice of the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan in person, on grounds that “his presence would not be conducive to the public good”. 
These grounds we know to be unequivocally false, totally unjustified and an affront to black people and all in this country, regardless of class, colour or creed, who respect freedom of speech and who desire solutions to the social ills affecting inner cities*.  We ask, what is there to fear?  We ask, show the people of the UK evidence of the concern!  We submit that the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s lifelong work of reformation and transformation amongst people, young and old, and his positive and extensive span of influence around the world puts the UK government in a shameful and untenable global position with regards to its Home Office exclusion order (ban).  The most recent episode of the use and “abuse” of the power of the ban was on 5th August 2017 whereby Lambeth Borough Council issued a permit prohibiting a unified effort by Rastafari Movement UK and the Nation of Islam European Region to host Minister Louis Farrakhan via a live or recorded video message at Kennington Park.  On this occasion, the government extended its powers, gagging any member of the Nation of Islam from speaking and prohibiting any promotion of associated materials. We ask you to sign this petition as part of an international effort to take the case to the UK parliament and courts with the objective of having the ban on Minister Louis Farrakhan fully overturned in the UK, without restrictions or stipulations.

* 49% of UK minority ethnic prisoners are black. A disproportionate figure compared to the USA. (Source: Equality and Human Rights Commission. Prison Reform Trust 2017).

Black men in Britain are 17 times more likely than white counterparts to be diagnosed with a psychotic illness. (Source: The Guardian Newspaper- Mental Health Inequality 2014).

26% of Lambeth population is black. nearly 70% of the borough residents that are in secure psychiatric settings are of African or Caribbean heritage. (Source: The Guardian Newspaper- Mental Health Inequality 2014).

Despite reductions in recent years black Caribbean pupils are still four times more likely to be permanently excluded from school than white British pupils. (This figure has remained constant for the past 18 years) Professor David Gillborn et al, Centre For Research in Race and Education, Birmingham (CRRE, 2017).

We thank you for your consideration and welcome your support towards this endeavour.

Abdul Hakeem Muhammad
The European Regional Representative of The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan And The Nation Of Islam




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