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Lift the RC classification on Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number in Australia

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Hotline Miami 2 was given the RC classification in Australia on the grounds of an optional cutscene, this is what the Australian Classification Board had to say  " The protagonist is seen on what looks like a movie set , the character comes to 4 enemies and explicitly kills all four with copious blood , he comes across another and smashes his head accompanied with splatter , he comes to a women lying face down partially exposing his buttocks the man drops his pants and pins her down raping her while she kicks." This scene is not, as graphic or as extreme as the Australian Classification Board would like us to believe. This scene is optional which can be skipped if it is offensive to the audience. 

Read this Gamespot Article for more information;

Watch the scene in full Here;

There is no apparent reason that an optional Cutscene can result in the RC classification of a video game. There are many Television Series and Films that depict graphic violent, rape, incestual fantasy or sexual fantasy scenes that are not currently banned in Australia. 

These titles include; HBO's Game of Thrones, Starz's Outlander, many Netflix Australia Titles and other streaming sites. 

This is a clear bias against the video game industry in Australia and these titles would bring in more revenue for Australian Companies 

This is also an attack on Australian's freedoms and liberties. 

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