Lift Regulation Barring Dogs in N.C. Taprooms

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Regulation that permits non-food-serving breweries and taprooms as restaurants is inadequate and inappropriate. This regulation leads to the unintended consequence of barring well-behaving and previously welcomed canines from these establishments. 

The North Carolina Food Code (Section 6-501.115 on page 178) prohibits animals inside the premises of a food establishment. Simply because a non-food-serving taproom has washing stations for glassware, the current statutes consider them restaurants. 

This unfitting regulation hurts non-food-serving breweries and taprooms. Breweries have filled a void in the lives of individuals across generations, social class, gender, and race serving as a place of gathering, a place of relaxation and recreation, and a place of friendship.

This petition simply asks to lift the regulation barring animals inside the premises of non-food-serving taprooms, and to be enforced at the discretion of taproom management. 

Please share this with local NC breweries, dog rescues, dog owners and dog lovers.  We are sharing this with local breweries who are working making necessary changes, as a show of public support for this issue.