Lift Redfern: Make Redfern Station Accessible Now!

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We have secured a promise of one lift and initial work has already commenced as per press release link below from the Transport Minister which Lift Redfern warmly welcomes. We will continue to lobby for full equality in access and the complete re-furbish of the Redfern station however we can celebrate that we have secured what we asked for in the interim. Well done to all involved and a big thank you for each person who showed their support. Particular we would like to acknowledge all the grass root organisations, community groups, volunteers, various political parties who supported this cause. The campaign success is a testament to the entire community of greater Redfern. A clear demonstration of our tenacity, diversity, passion, and unity on this significant community challenge. For more updates please keep an eye on our Facebook page Best Regards, Mike Michael Shreenan - (Factory Community Centre / REDWatch) on behalf of the Lift Redfern Coord group

Lift Redfern
8 years ago