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Shut their business down.

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Lifeworks NW is a mental-health rehab agency. This petition was made to expose the actual darker undercurrent of what they really want to achieve. You see, my friends and I were in Lifework's adolescent day treatment program. Our parents put us in there, thinking they could help. They were wrong.

Lifework's mission statement includes talk of helping to enrich people's lives and grow a stronger, healthier community. The truth to this is that they actually plant thoughts in your head, making you think that there is something wrong with you when there really isn't. They even force you to buy drugs, such as anti-deppresants, in order to "help you get better". These drugs do nothing, and are only a means to an end. They want profit. That is all.

I've been in Lifeworks for 2 years now. I am finally out, and glad for it, since I can spread the word now. You see, I am more social and active now than when I was back when I was in their system. I'm free now. With your help, other people can be free too, and people who are thinking about going there can run in the other direction.

Signing this petition can do exactly as the title says, shut their business down. With your help, we can expose them. Thank you for reading.

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