Lifetime Bans for Shameless Premier League Players

Lifetime Bans for Shameless Premier League Players

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Why this petition matters

Started by Scott Martin

Professional Football clubs and their associated organisations must do more and take decisive action to heavily penalise players for gross misconduct.

Although the majority of footballers/sports personalities realise that the law and basic human morals apply to them, there are a small minority that do not, and as such are not being reprimanded in an appropriate way to prevent such behaviour from recoccuring in the future. 

In recent times, the British, and world, public has seen some serious, disturbing, and abhorrent behaviour from the likes of; Benjamin Mendy, Mason Greenwood and Kurt Zouma (all of which are still employed by; Manchester City, Manchester United & West Ham United respectively) and unless the law is enforced, will see no real force applied to them from their employers.

Simply having these players use club or personal lawyers write a very generic statement, admitting their wrongdoing andhaving fine imposed is not remotely sufficient and results in these incidents very much getting brushed under the carpet.

To contextualise how little is being done for such behaviour; we are making great strides tackling racism in football and as a result, the repercussions for any fan caught acting in such way is to correctly have them banned from stadiums for life.  However, Kurt Zouma was caught kicking his pet cat, which was plastered all over the internet, for only a few hours later to be selected and played for his football club.  This needs to stop.

Therefore, clubs and their organisations need to start taking more accountability for actions of those who think the law isn’t applicable to them and ban them from elite-level football.  It is unfair for these people to be playing football, especially considering many of them will be role models for most young children, who’s dream job it is to be a footballer. 

Lives of both people and animals are being altered or affected forever due to their negligence, and the current inaction of their employers and organisations needs to change.

This does not need to wait for the law to be involved or enforced, it’s plain to see what is right and wrong.  Allow clubs and organisations to step in and ban players who show disgusting behaviour to protect the future.

83 have signed. Let’s get to 100!